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    Sydney Pest Control

    When you encounter a rat there is always an air of disgust and fright. The very thought of the horrible diseases these small animals carry is enough to scare you and give you a feeling of unease. If you talk to people who have found rats in their homes, they will tell you that it is not something that gives a great experience. Other people will tell you that they have the real fear of health problems hanging around when rats are present. It is very important for you to look at of getting rid of rats fast when they show up.

    Some of the things that you’ll try yourself before choosing a pest control Sydney exterminator are setting up traps and using the old school way of chasing the rat around with a broom. If you are facing a massive colony, you will have small changes to get rid of the rats that infested your home, business or store. An exterminator has a great changes of getting rid of them in a timely and proper manner. A good exterminator will have all your pest control needs.

    If you own your own property or rent one, everyone around has a role in rat prevention. It is important to know that you can keep your neighbourhood rat free when you place all the trash in tightly sealed bins that are rat-resistant. You can also take other actions to reduce the possibility for rats to survive on your property. Such other important steps in controlling rats infestation are cleaning up the rooms in your property, maintaining the buildings, installing yards and using sealed trash cans. It is also common sense for property owners to be responsible for maintaining on a weekly basis a rat-free environment.

    The female rat becomes sexual mature in just 35 days and will average eight litters per year. Each of these litters will average five young rats. With that number of baby rats delivered per year by a single female adult rat the population of them builds up rapidly. Rats typically produce their largest litters in spring. It does however depend on food and climatic conditions. Rats begin to breed at five to six weeks of age and have a life span of about one year. They are very hardy animals and are best reduced in numbers by poison bait traps strategically placed where they would move from location to location. These bait traps need to be designed to ensure they do not kill off pet cats and dogs in Sydney that may stumble on them.


    Termite infestations currently cost homeowners billions of dollars in repairs each year, eating through wood and insulation. While mainly appearing during the spring there are two main times when termites can become a real problem, when buying and when selling a house. Often a condition report will be required and termites will be a major factor in the report. Rather than waiting for this situation to occur it’s good practice to know the signs of a termite infestation in advance. The main thing to watch out for is winged termites indoors, this is a sure sign of an infestation as the colony is growing, if you’re unsure don’t hesitate to give us a call.


    The mouse that lives in houses is the most common species in the rodent family. They live in close association with humans, has a grey color and its weight is approximately half to one ounce. The common rat’s body is maximum four inches long and the tail gets to almost four inches long. Its muzzle is pointed, and the rat has large ears, while the eyes and body are quite small. Compared to other species in the same family, the house rat is slightly smaller than the deer mouse. It’s important to know that adult droppings are 1/8 – to ¼ inch long. They also are rod-shaped with pointed ends as a distinct element. They are easily eradicated with poison baits that they eat.

    Bed Bugs

    All the infected items should be taken away from the dressers and closets in bedrooms where bedbugs have been found. It is important to vacuum items that are not machine washable. Place all infected items in a sealed container or bin to prevent the bedbugs from gaining access to unaffected areas. You need to wipe down all infected areas with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to insure that all eggs and bedbugs are killed. All infected items that are machine washable like pillows, curtains and other bedroom items, should be washed using hot water and after that should be dried using the hottest setting possible on the drying machine.


    “Our office balcony got a wasps nest on it and the wasps buzzed us whenever we went out there. We called them and they came out later that day. It was a great service.” 

    – Jason Carsen / Tipit Rubbish Removal Sydney

    “Since I hire Pest Control Sydney I haven’t experienced any pest problem at our home. Particular about the quality of the product and the performance of the technicians, I have entrusted my home to Best Pest Control Sydney.”

    – Jenny Wong / SEO Consultant Castle Hill

    “A bee swarm took residence in our office car park. We called Best Pests Control and they came, captured it in a swarm collection box and passed it on to a bee keeper to ensure the survival of bees in Sydney.  The experience of using them on this occasion was great and we definitely recommend them.

    – Tony Muller / RRQ Roof Repairs Sydney